The Bioscience Association of West Virginia (BioWV) works to promote the bioscience industry in West Virginia and assist in expanding the knowledge and expertise of those working in the life sciences. The Association works to do this in a variety of ways, such as the annual West Virginia Bioscience Summit, grant programs, technical assistance and legislative advocacy. 

BioWV, along with West Virginia’s research universities, bioscience companies and State and regional economic development partners, is working to grow this exciting industry.  Join with us, become a member, and share in the growth of this exciting field. (more)



The purpose of the Association is to promote the bioscience industry in West Virginia, expand the knowledge and expertise of West Virginia’s businesses concerning the life sciences through seminars, educational publications and to enhance public awareness of the biotechnology industry in West Virginia. BioWV represents the interests of the bioscience industry in West Virginia before federal, state and local legislators and regulators.



Any corporation, partnership, association, or other entity organized for profit, a substantial percentage of whose business activities involve biotechnology, genomics, bioinformatics or related new technologies, is eligible for membership. In addition any academic institution engaged in bioscience research and development or workforce development and training is eligible for core membership status. (more)

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