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BioWV member companies are eligible for funding assistance for a variety of business needs (marketing, business development, internships and more) and are eligible for discount programs on items such as lab gases and equipment, insurance, basic office supplies, national press releases and more. Since the annual membership fee is as little as $250 for bioscience firms with fewer than 9 employees, you could save many more times that just in the savings from these group benefits.

Service providers, such as law firms, consultants, and others are valued members of BioWV as well. Membership by such firms is an important gateway to networking opportunities, leadership roles, discounts on fees and listings in our online directory. Service provider members are also eligible for the group discount programs and are eligible to serve on leadership committees.

BioWV members come from all segments of the bioscience industry in the mid-Atlantic region.

Member Categories

Any corporation, partnership, association, or other entity organized for profit, a substantial percentage of whose business activities involve biotechnology, genomics, bioinformatics or related new technologies, is eligible for membership. In addition any academic institution engaged in bioscience research and development or workforce development and training is eligible for core membership status. Core Members are those entities that utilize biotechnology, genomics, bioinformatics or other related bioscience technologies in research, development, testing, manufacturing, or sales of product or information, as well as other firms the Board so characterizes and places in this category. Core Members are the only class of members with voting rights.

Any corporation, partnership, association, or other entity organized for profit, a substantial portion of whose activities involve providing services or products of benefit to companies whose principal business is bioscience research and development, is eligible for Associate membership. Associate Members are those commercial entities which do not necessarily utilize bioscience technologies; e.g. technical support, equipment, construction, accounting, and law firms that service the bioscience industry, as well as other firms that the Board characterizes and places in this category.


Any governmental or nonprofit entity or local, state or regional industry, trade or professional association with an interest in, or a mandate to promote the development of, biotechnology is eligible for Affiliate membership. Also, organizations who would normally qualify as Core Members, but who are out-of-state with no substantial in-state operations may join as Affiliate Members.

Any business person, entrepreneur, scientist, researcher, or other person interested or engaged in the life sciences.

Individual Student:
Any student interested or engaged in the life sciences.


Member Dues:

Employees Core Associate
1 $100 $250
2 - 9 $250 $500
10 - 49 $500 $1,000
50 - 99 $1,000 $1,500
100 - 249 $2,500 $3,000
250+ $5,000 $6,000

Affiliate dues are $1,500.
Individual dues are $100.
Student dues are $25.


PO BOX 20065 | Charleston, WV 25362 | (304) 546-5500