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Currently there are about 6,400 people employed in biosciences in West Virginia in the pharmaceutical, chemical and research industries.

Scholl says from what he’s seen, the state is ready to increase that number with some help.

“I think [West Virginia entrepreneurs] certainly have a fighting chance and I think the focus needs to be on trying to develop the right policies to keep those entrepreneurs thinking entrepreneurally,” according to Scholl.

He says that means there has to be a team effort.

“Entrepreneurs and universities need to collaborate with private and public resources to create jobs,” says Scholl.

Bioscience technology is on the cutting edge in the medical field. Scholl says for example, DNA research has come to the point where you can determine what diseases or illnesses someone may be prone to. Scholl says doctors can use that information to help stave off or in some cases cure the ailment with the advanced notice.

Scholl says it’s a gold mine for bioscience entrepreneurs who have the support and capital to further that type of study.

“I think in the context of where healthcare is moving, towards cost containment, more accurate delivery of drugs and identification of people who have certain illnesses would do nothing but increase the efficiency of the system,” says Scholl. “That’s what biotechnology has the promise to deliver.”

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